Bold lyrics, genre defying mix of music by Lizette Santana


MIAMI, FL May 29th, 2009 — On June 30th, 2009 Lizette Santana releases her album titled “Aún Sueño En Ti”(I Still Dream Of You), which is supported by an international media campaign managed by Rocstar Inc. that will span the United States and South America. Television appearances will begin the second week of June.

This bilingual musical work displays Lizette Santana’s bicultural fabric, and rich musical palette. With her American upbringing and Latin roots as a base, her multi-genre collection of influences is clearly present in her music. “I’m so fortunate to have experienced music the way that I have”, says Lizette Santana, “my dad  was actually the one who introduced me to a range of music, he’s record collection included music from artists such as The Beatles, Blondie to Juan Luis Guerra”.  Lizette Santana’s other influences included singers like Sarah Mclachlan, Tori Amos and Ani Difranco as well as Latin songstresses Amanda Miguel, Rocio Durcal and Isabel Pantoja.

The first single “Extrañandote Estoy” is an honest mfsnostalgic confession that displays the vulnerability of a woman whose feelings remain, yet reveals the strength and boldness of an empowered woman. “Through my music I try to transmit the power we all have in choosing our own path,” said Lizette Santana. “The choice to make the right decisions and sometimes the wrong ones, but personal growth is the inevitable outcome, if we choose to; in love, friendship, and in life. This album materialized as a result of these experiences and choices.” The album also features songs in English, which include, “I Still Dream of You”, “Spiderweb” and “Better This Way”.

Lizette’s music can be classified as Pop/Rock, yet is influenced by many different styles and cultures. She blends both an organic and ethereal tone to her music, built on a genre-defying mix of pop rock, folk, latin and poetry. Lizette’s music is characterized by its melancholic strings and vocal harmonies; an instrumental textures that serves as a backdrop to empowering and emotionally rich lyrics. She voices personal growth, love longing, self-realization, and freedom. Delivered with a voice that can be fairly described as powerfully gentle, and sultry. Able to to transmit a clear feeling with a single note, Lizette Santana evokes a wide spectrum of emotional responses.



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