Lizé drops single “Besos” and new music video on 1/11/2011

"Besos" art cover

In celebration of the arrival of 2011, Lizé drops her last name and her latest
single “Besos” on 1/11/11, with new artwork and new music video.

“Besos”, takes listeners on a journey of yearning and infatuation, as it seamlessly traverses trip-hop, pop and rock territories. “It’s a sweet song, its about falling in love, a moment when you’re loosing control” said Lizé.

In 2009, Lizé released her debut album as Lizette Santana entitled “Aún Sueño en Ti | I Still Dream of You” making her the first woman artist in the latin music market to be released under her own independent label. The album debuted under iTunes, Rock Latino “New and Noteworthy”. She collaborated with multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Fernando Perdomo (Mika, Juanes, Jennifer Lopez, Soraya, Jorge Moreno, Paulina Rubio, Andy Pratt). Other musicians who contributed to the album were Derek Cintron (of DC3), R.J. Ronquillo (Ricky Martin – MTV Unplugged), and Mexican composer Miguel Luna, who has also written for artists such as Luis Miguel and Ricardo Arjona.

“I decided to simply be Lizé for my music projects, as everyone calls me, and as i originally intended. I feel Santana is a name which is already branded in the music world and i like creating my own name and pulling my own weight”, she clarifies.

Lizé will be releasing additionally two upcoming singles at the beginning of the year before releasing her first single from the all English album set to be released in the fall of 2011.


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