Introducing brand new artists at the New Artists Showcase, as part of Billboard Bash


The New Artist Showcase at the Billboard Bash will feature performances by Rakel, a multitalented artist who explores many artistic expressions. An accomplished painter, photographer and fashion designer, Rakel fuses her diverse talents when she writes, sings and creates music. Her maiden album is scheduled to release in 2011. Another performer of the evening is Abel Ullón, the winner of “Alcanza La Fama”, a national talent contest created by Time Warner Cable. As the winner, Abel recorded two new songs and is featured in a brand spot developed for Time Warner Cable’s Spanish-language advertising campaign. Also performing at the Bash will be the winner of the Western Union “Love in Any Language” contest that will be announced on April 19. On Western Union’s online campaign, consumers were invited to upload videos expressing their love for their friends or family, no matter the language or distance. The winner will be chosen from the top 10 videos with the most votes.

For the first time, Billboard and Eventful are joining forces to honor Latin artists via the fan’s choice award titled “Best Live Show of the Year.” Billboard and Eventful are giving fans a voice in determining the Best Live Show of 2011. The artist and shows have been selected based on box office and ticket data provided by Billboard to Eventful. The campaign launched on Tuesday, February 15th, giving fans the opportunity to vote, and the winner will be announced at the Billboard Bash on Wednesday April 27th.//


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