Forward Motion Celebrates First Anniversary at Revolution, September 29

By Arielle Castillo Thursday, Sep 29 2011

While many boutique local record labels focus on the fringes of various music scenes, few have tried an arguably gutsier move: releasing wider-reaching, even radio-friendly rock fare without the support of the big record-industry machine. Miami-based Forward Motion Records, led by Dreaming in Stereo frontman and skilled session guitarist Fernando Perdomo, is a rare local label doing just that. Perdomo is an unabashed lover of power pop, singer/songwriter material, and all-around feel-good guitar music.

For Forward Motion, he’s put together a roster of artists across a wide spectrum, from the bilingual, psychedelic indie of Arboles Libres to the ’70s-roots-rock-leaning Vic Kingsley to the contemporary pop of Jorge Moreno. The whole label roster — some 16 acts, including Dreaming in Stereo, of course — is set to appear this Thursday at Revolution when Forward Motion officially fetes its first birthday. Another reason to feel good: All of the door take, plus any additional donations, go to Kristi House, a Miami shelter for child victims of sexual abuse.

List of Performers for the event

Jorge Moreno

Dreaming in Stereo

Lizette Santana

Jim Camacho

Jesse Young

The Mann Sisters


The Robert Goodman Band

Vic Kingsley

Chris Alvy Band

Kim Drake

Tyler Bernhardt

Jennifer Kaiser

Union Cell

Joshua Stedman

Revolution Live

200 W Broward Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Facebook Event page

(source: New Times – Broward)


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