A Conversation with Artist: Lopez del Castillo

López del CastilloMeet Luis Lopez del Castillo, an artist, currently residing in Miami, FL, and artistically known by his two last names: Lopez del Castillo.  Although, a fairly newcomer to the Miami’s art scene, his work has been showcased in places such as his native Cuba; Milan, Italy; and Los Angeles, California.

Intrigued by his individualistic approach and charismatic personality, we decided to sit down and converse with the artist, in a popular, but intimate Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills, CA) coffee shop.  Although, a bit jet-lagged from his 5 hour flight in from Miami, Lopez del Castillo appeared cool, calm and collected, but exuded a kind of jovial enthusiasm when asked about his work:

MN: How do you describe your style?

LDC: I work with what is known as “New Figuration”, although I don’t like to be pigeonholed.
MN: Where do you find inspiration? or what inspires you?

LDC: There are moments, such as a Sunday’s sunset, which brings a lot of imagination, as if that moment is something definite… also at night, when insomnia kicks in, there are various ideas which visit me, that silence which creates a total complexity.

MN: How have the places you’ve lived in influenced you?

"Crazy Dance" by Lopez del Castillo (Acrylic on canvas, 49 x 54)
“Crazy Dance” by Lopez del Castillo (Acrylic on canvas, 49 x 54)
LDC: Everything has influenced me, a new place always brings the creation of new memories, moments, images… revisited stories, everything you see as you go has the brand new, child’s eyes effect.  It is always very enriching the experience of a new place.
MN: How long have you painted for? when did you decide you wanted to do art?
LDC: I think that you are born creative, you are born an artist, you have a certain way of seeing things that perhaps other people don’t and so you want to express your interpretation of those things on  canvas. Etching was my thing, then I wanted to explore and present installations, but what I was mostly attracted to in painting was the Expressionism modernist movement.
"Duchamp Cigar" by Lopez del Castillo
“Duchamp Cigar” by Lopez del Castillo

MN: Which masters have influenced you or that you admire?

LDC: I think that all the masters have influenced our culture worldwide tremendously.  One of them whom I greatly admire is Henry Mattisse, and I’ve also been influenced by Gerhard Richter.  I admire many artists, including some personal friends of mine.

Lopez del Castillo holds a bachelors degree from The Professional School of Art of Camaguey, Cuba where he was trained on classical techniques.  While in school Lopez del Castillo, was one of the selected few to showcase at the esteemed “Projecto Personal” in the Centro de Desarrollo de las Artes, in Habana, Cuba.  While in Milan, Italy, he had various showcases, including artist on residence at the Xpo/Lis Space, and in Palazzo Rossetti, Chietti.

You may see more of his work at http://lopezdelcastillo.tumblr.com


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