Greg Essence drops reggae latin fusion with “Hola Mama”

Greg Essence drops “Hola Mama” on December 1st, 2011.  The track was produced by Lizette Santana and Fernando Perdomo. Other collaborators include drummer Derek Cintron of DC3 and Xperimento musicans Emiliano Torres on trumpet and Alan Reyna on percussion.

The song is lyrically charged by Rastafarian culture ideologies.  It’s a social and political statement about the current legalization change of Ganja, prompting everyone, his mother, sister, friend and even the president and first lady to join him on a house party to enjoy the herb, while being creative, “vamos a mi casa a escribir una cancion”.  Musically it has a percussion driven, loungy vibe, there are also other non-instrumental type effects such as lighter, bong, cough which you may enjoy in the background. Interesting guitar lines and background vocals harmonies.

Greg Essence was born Gregory Santana.  He credits reggae legend Bob Marley as one of his influence as well as other artists in the latin music, rock and hip-hop genres.

He is currently working on his upcoming album to be released first quarter of 2012.

“Hola Mama” is available on iTunes, Amazon and other world wide outlets.


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